Testimonials of Pain Relief


BE  PAIN FREE NOW AND FOREVER... Due to multiple injuries from lifting, car, and stuff happens accidents, I have been in constant pain for years. I can’t remember when I was last Pain Free Now! I choose to live a healthy lifestyle, eat organic, exercise, and try never to take   pharmaceutical drugs. This has motivated me to become a self taught   nutritionist. After many days and nights of pain, irritation, inactivity, and sleeplessness, I began to research and seek out the sources of all natural, organic, chemical, drug, and numbing agent free lotions, potions, and supplements. I spent many weeks in Hawaii looking for an all natural pain killing, anti-inflammatory product. I’m so blessed to have found Mana Kokua  - “Powerful Healer", which is helping me to heal and set me free of my non-stop discomfort and pain. Now my mission in life is to share these products with you and help  you heal, be happy, healthy, active, and to Be Pain Free Now. Please try this life-changing product. You have nothing to loose except “Your Pain and Discomfort.” 

Rob Whalley

 BePainFreeNow.net  Owner * Health Consultant * Sales Director

"I am a guitar player, and I have arthritis in my fingers. It makes it  difficult to play music, especially in the studio recording tracks over  and over.  The other day, I was recording and my hands hurt so much, I almost had to stop for the day, but I remembered I had a jar of Mana Kokua, so I put on a double layer all over my hands. It started to  tingle a little, then after a few moments, it was a gentle pain relief  I was experiencing, and I was able to go back to recording and I  finished all the tracks comfortably, with no discomfort! I'm sold on  it, and I hope that it is helpful for you too.  I love that it is an all  natural product, too!"  

Gail Carson 



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