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Mana Kokua Pain Relief Ingredients and Benefits


1. ORGANIC ALOE - The anti-inflammatory properties of Aloe Vera help it to work efficiently on joint and muscle pains. Applying aloe gel topically eases inflammation of the joints.   

2. VITAMIN E - An antioxidant boost that encourages the healthy growth of new skin cells.  

3. SPEARMINT ESSENTIAL OIL  - Spearmint oil has antiseptic properties due to the presence of menthol, myrcene, and caryophyllene. It helps heal injuries faster.  

4. MENTHOL - Menthol is a compound made from the herbal oils peppermint, eucalyptus and pennyroyal.  When applied topically it helps treat pain and inflammation.  

5. CAMPHOR - When applied on the skin it acts as a counter irritant and is therefore used topically to relieve pain and swelling.   

6. CLOVE ESSENTIAL OIL - The benefits can be attributed to its anesthetic, antimicrobial, antifungal, antiseptic, antiviral, and stimulating properties.  

7. MSM DIMETHYL SULFONE - To reduce muscle damage. It also is used to treat Chronic pain.  A form of the essential mineral sulfur that boosts joint health, movement and physical function. Supports connective tissue health including hair, cartilage and collage. Supports healthy immune and respiratory function. 

8. ORGANIC CAYENNE - Many of the health benefits of cayenne pepper are attributed to the ingredient capsaicin. The pepper contains vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin E, potassium, manganese, and flavonoids. It provides detox support, relieves joint and nerve pain, and is an Anti-irritant.   

9. ORGANIC GOTU KOLA - Is also used for fatigue, wound healing, trauma, and circulation problems.  

10. HORSETAIL - Benefits include Fortifying immunity, Strengthening the bones, Soothing the skin.  

11. ORGANIC ARNICA - contains helenalin, a potent anti-inflammatory. Its ability to reduce pain and disease-causing inflammation when applied to the skin is therapeutic for all kinds of bruises, aches, sprains and even arthritis flare-ups.  

12. HYDROXYETHYL ETHYLCELLULOSE - also known by the trade name Natrosol, is a gelling and thickening agent derived from cellulose.  

13. CARAGEENAN - Free radicals have been repeatedly linked to a number of pain issues, making the antioxidant properties of carageenan very significant.  

14. POTASSIUM SORBATE - is a food-grade preservative that has been effectively used for decades and is generally recognized as safe (GRAS) to preserve food products. In fact, the toxicity of potassium sorbate is pretty close to that of table salt.  

15. SODIUM BENZOATE - is a preservative found in a variety of foods, beverages and condiments.  It is generally recognized as safe in small doses.  

16. ETHYLHEXYLGLYCERIN - is a preservative that is used as an alternative to parabens. It is believed to be far safer and less detrimental to your health than parabens.  

17. All natural proprietary formula.